How to Write a Compelling Nursing School Admissions Essay Near Seattle

nursing school admissions essay seattleAfter working as a certified nursing assistant, you may eventually decide to pursue a career as a registered nurse. Usually, part of the course curriculum includes writing a nursing school admissions essay. Some clinics hiring a CNA may require a similar essay for vetting candidates. Here are some tips for crafting a compelling essay.

Follow the Directions Precisely

If the essay specifies a word limit, stay within that limit and don’t go above it. Some students may be inclined to go over the word count, thinking more is better and that the extra word count makes them look ambitious; it doesn’t.

Other specific directions to follow:

  • Name the file exactly as instructed
  • Follow formatting instructions (i.e. don’t use a Times New Roman font if directions specify Cambria)
  • Be sure to use H2 and H3 headers if instructed

Answer the Questions

It might be tempting to go into great lengths about your personal history and aspirations. However, the questions may pertain to your volunteer work, internships, the nature of your CNA training, or how you managed your class schedule. Answer the questions and don’t veer off from the subject.

Be Truthful

While slightly embellishing in some areas isn’t a big deal, don’t outright invent grandiose tales about your life or personal experiences. The reviewers have likely read hundreds if not thousands of personal essays. They can likely spot a fib and may ask you to provide a follow-up or present evidence of your claims. Remember, lying is a serious ethical issue.

Write a Convincing Nursing School Admissions Essay Near Seattle

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Carefully Write Your Nursing School Admissions Essay Near Seattle

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