How Long Is a CNA Work Shift in Bellevue?

CNA work shift bellevueAre you seeking a new career path as a CNA? Perhaps you just completed a certification course and are now wondering about career opportunities. You probably have many questions, among of which is the average length of a CNA work shift

The Typical CNA Work Shift in Bellevue

The common CNA work shift is eight hours, though 12-hour shifts are also not uncommon. Others may require you to work both eight and 12-hour shifts.

If you work eight-hour shifts, then it’s usually five days a week. With 12-hour shifts, expect to work three days, sometimes four. 

Time of the Day

CNAs are needed around the clock. Eight-hour shifts are usually divided into morning, afternoon, and evening shifts. You may work the same time week to week, or you may have a rotating schedule.

For 12-hour shifts, you typically don’t work the full 12 hours non-stop. There are frequent breaks in between, so you aren’t constantly on your feet.

A Note About 12-Hour Shifts

It’s important to note that if you work 12-hours, the shift overlaps with other workers. If your shift ends at noon, that doesn’t mean your replacement’s shift starts at noon; it starts a few hours earlier. Overlapping shifts mean you’re around to fill in the other CNA on important details regarding medication and other pertinent patient information. This also ensures you have support in the final few hours of an exhausting shift; this helps reduce human error.

Ready for a Career as a CNA?

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Flexible CNA Work Shift Hours in Seattle

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