How Long Does CNA Training Near Bremerton Take?

CNA Training Bremerton

When you decide you’re ready to make a career change, you may be impatient to get started. Fortunately, the path to becoming a certified nursing assistant is relatively quick. It requires a CNA training program and a passing score on the state licensing exam. Get more details here.

How Much Time Does It Take?

You can expect your certified nursing assistant training program to take at least six to eight weeks. It may take longer to complete the program if you find one that offers part time learning opportunities. 

What Does Training Require?

Aspiring CNAs attend classes where they learn from experienced professionals in a lecture-style setting. Hands-on labs are required, and many programs require an externship where students get real-world experience in healthcare settings. Students are generally assigned outside reading and homework to improve their knowledge of physiology, anatomy and basic nursing tasks. Instructors give quizzes and exams to evaluate how well students are learning new concepts and skills.

What Do I Do After Completing Training?

A training program focused on giving students the skills and knowledge they need for work as CNAs also prepares them for the state licensing exam. Working CNAs need to complete a formal training program and pass the licensing exam to get hired. You can expect to have to renew your credentials periodically to keep your license.

Are You Ready to Enroll in CNA Training Near Bremerton?

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