Are You Ready for CNA Training Near Bellevue?

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Working as a certified nursing assistant or CNA is a great opportunity to earn a living by helping others. You’re a critical part of patients’ healthcare team, and these roles are in-demand at hospitals, medical practices and long-term care facilities. Wondering whether you’re ready to get started on your CNA training? Check out these simple criteria to help you decide. 

You’re Eager to Provide Direct Care to Patients

A CNA offers meaningful help to patients by assisting them with dressing, bathing and feeding themselves. In addition, CNAs may also be tasked with taking patients’ vital signs and recording them, another hands-on responsibility. Some CNAs are committed to working with special populations, such as children, the elderly or those experiencing dementia.

You’re Ready to Start a Training Program

Recognized CNA programs generally require classroom and lab sessions, along with a clinical component. Training schools expect students to commit up to three months–depending on the program–in full- or part-time learning, including tests and skills assessments. The curriculum covers anatomy and physiology classes plus practice taking pulses, measuring blood pressure and taking patients’ temperatures.

You’re Willing to Sit for a State Licensing Exam

Once your training program is complete, you’ll need to study for and take a state licensing exam to work as a CNA. You’ll also need to be committed to renewing your state license regularly. 

Would You Like to Start CNA Training for Bellevue-Area Students?

As a local provider of CNA programs and training, Divine CNA Training is dedicated to supporting students through engaging course offerings and flexible class schedules. We offer quality CNA training and support as well as skills preparation to get students ready for the CNA certification exam and student job opportunities. Contact us and learn more about our program, student links and application process today! 

Qualify for a Rewarding New Career with Dedicated CNA Training Near Bellevue

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