How Long Is a CNA Work Shift in Bellevue?

CNA work shift bellevueAre you seeking a new career path as a CNA? Perhaps you just completed a certification course and are now wondering about career opportunities. You probably have many questions, among of which is the average length of a CNA work shift

The Typical CNA Work Shift in Bellevue

The common CNA work shift is eight hours, though 12-hour shifts are also not uncommon. Others may require you to work both eight and 12-hour shifts.

If you work eight-hour shifts, then it’s usually five days a week. With 12-hour shifts, expect to work three days, sometimes four. 

Time of the Day

CNAs are needed around the clock. Eight-hour shifts are usually divided into morning, afternoon, and evening shifts. You may work the same time week to week, or you may have a rotating schedule.

For 12-hour shifts, you typically don’t work the full 12 hours non-stop. There are frequent breaks in between, so you aren’t constantly on your feet.

A Note About 12-Hour Shifts

It’s important to note that if you work 12-hours, the shift overlaps with other workers. If your shift ends at noon, that doesn’t mean your replacement’s shift starts at noon; it starts a few hours earlier. Overlapping shifts mean you’re around to fill in the other CNA on important details regarding medication and other pertinent patient information. This also ensures you have support in the final few hours of an exhausting shift; this helps reduce human error.

Ready for a Career as a CNA?

A rewarding career as a CNA begins with a comprehensive training program. Get the education and training you need at an affordable cost; schedules are flexible and available year-round. Contact Divine CNA Training to learn more. A typical CNA work shift is manageable; no need to worry about being overworked.

Flexible CNA Work Shift Hours in Seattle

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How to Write a Compelling Nursing School Admissions Essay Near Seattle

nursing school admissions essay seattleAfter working as a certified nursing assistant, you may eventually decide to pursue a career as a registered nurse. Usually, part of the course curriculum includes writing a nursing school admissions essay. Some clinics hiring a CNA may require a similar essay for vetting candidates. Here are some tips for crafting a compelling essay.

Follow the Directions Precisely

If the essay specifies a word limit, stay within that limit and don’t go above it. Some students may be inclined to go over the word count, thinking more is better and that the extra word count makes them look ambitious; it doesn’t.

Other specific directions to follow:

  • Name the file exactly as instructed
  • Follow formatting instructions (i.e. don’t use a Times New Roman font if directions specify Cambria)
  • Be sure to use H2 and H3 headers if instructed

Answer the Questions

It might be tempting to go into great lengths about your personal history and aspirations. However, the questions may pertain to your volunteer work, internships, the nature of your CNA training, or how you managed your class schedule. Answer the questions and don’t veer off from the subject.

Be Truthful

While slightly embellishing in some areas isn’t a big deal, don’t outright invent grandiose tales about your life or personal experiences. The reviewers have likely read hundreds if not thousands of personal essays. They can likely spot a fib and may ask you to provide a follow-up or present evidence of your claims. Remember, lying is a serious ethical issue.

Write a Convincing Nursing School Admissions Essay Near Seattle

Begin the certification process for becoming a CNA by contacting Divine CNA Training. Contact us with questions or additional information requests.

Carefully Write Your Nursing School Admissions Essay Near Seattle

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CNA Best Practices for New Employees in Kent

CNA best practicesAre you excited at the prospect of becoming a CNA in Kent? Before you jump at the opportunity, there are some CNA best practices you should keep in mind. Think of it as a survival checklist to help you get through or avoid tough moments you may encounter on the job.

Look Things Up and Take Notes

Most CNAs and RNs keep a notebook and pen handy. You’re going to have to memorize things much the same way you memorized formulas in your grade school math class. Common things you’ll have to jot down include definitions of terms and symptoms of specific illnesses. By writing them down, you won’t have to cram the information in your head; this greatly minimizes human error.

Ask Questions

If there is a direction or instruction you don’t understand, ask for clarification. Never go off of assumptions. For example, if a patient asks you what time his surgery is, ask the doctor if you don’t know the exact time. 

Get into the Habit Starting Now

Even while you’re enrolled in a CNA training program, make these best practices a habit. Make it an automatic practice to take notes of every detail you think may be relevant. Use either a physical notebook and pen or a notetaking app, whatever works for you. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the instructor a lot of questions if you need clarification. This is especially important if you have a busy class schedule, where information can become jumbled and mixed up in your mind.

Commit to These CNA Best Practices in Kent

Contact Divine CNA Training today to learn more about our certification program. If you believe a career as a CNA is your calling, make these CNA best practices a lifelong habit. Contact us today for more information.

Recommended CNA Best Practices in Kent

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Should I Become a CNA in Auburn?

should I become a CNA AuburnHave you ever wondered whether a career as a CNA is the right profession for you? Why should I become a CNA over other professions in the healthcare industry? Find out why being a CNA just might be the right career move.

There’s a Rising Demand for Nursing Assistants

Nursing jobs are expected to grow by 11% between 2016 and 2026. The rise in demand is largely due to the increase in the senior population. With more seniors comes the need for more hospice care.

Work in a Diverse Environment

Working in an office every day doesn’t suit everyone. Some people prefer occupations that require constant physical movement and changes in work location. As a CNA, you may have multiple reporting stations that include hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

You Don’t Need a Higher Education

You can enroll in a CNA training program with just a high school diploma. Those who are enrolled in a university find it manageable to divide their time between their classes and CNA training. Most students find the CNA course schedule fits in nicely with their university classes. This is especially true for students enrolled in online classes.

It’s Emotionally Rewarding

A career shouldn’t just be about a paycheck. As a certified nursing assistant, you help people in need of medical assistance. Providing compassionate care can be incredibly rewarding. You many find this type of work gives you a higher sense of purpose.

Wondering “Should I Become a CNA” in Auburn?

Contact us at Divine CNA Training today and begin the certification process. You’re weeks away from beginning a new career move in a growing industry. If you’re still wondering why should I become a CNA, visit our website for more information about our program.

Help Answering Your Question, “Should I Become a CNA?” in Auburn

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Finding Expert and Affordable CNA Training in Federal Way & the Surrounding Area

finding expert and affordable CNA trainingWhether you’re looking for a great CNA training program or you’re interested in obtaining other healthcare certifications, finding expert and affordable CNA training can be challenging. Not every training provider has the licensing and experienced instructors to prepare you for a successful Certified Nursing Assistant career. It takes significant knowledge and skill to prepare you to pass or ace the State/OBRA examination. To find the perfect fit for your educational needs, carefully consider your training options before enrolling in a course. Keep the following tips in mind as you search for a program that meets your needs and budget.

1. Ask for Recommendations

The process of finding expert and affordable CNA training often begins by speaking with family, friends, current coworkers and other personal contacts. Bring up your training needs and career goals in conversations, and it’s likely someone you know can provide advice to help jumpstart your search.

2. Research the Options

While recommendations from people you trust are a great place to start, your task of finding expert and affordable CNA training shouldn’t end there. Take time to thoroughly explore provider websites before making a final decision.

3. Read Reviews

In addition to reviewing websites and program scheduling options, it’s important to know what past students have to say. In most cases, you should be able to find reviews and testimonials online.

4. Ask For References

When you have your list narrowed down to a few, contacting each provider to ask for a list of references. Speaking directly to past students provides very valuable insights with which to make your decision.

Having Trouble Finding Expert and Affordable CNA Training in the Federal Way Area?

Finding expert and affordable CNA training in the greater Federal Way area doesn’t have to be frustrating. The experienced instructors at Divine CNA Training can help you develop the skills to become a successful Certified Nursing Assistant. Contact us today with questions or to enroll in one of our courses!

Finding Expert and Affordable CNA Training in Federal Way Just Got Easier!

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