How to Market Yourself for More CNA Jobs Near Federal Way

CNA Jobs Federal Way

Once you’ve completed your nursing assistant training and earned your license, it’s time to enter the workforce and find a role that fits your skills and interests. One way to ensure the opportunities that come your way are as lucrative as can be is to market yourself properly. Discover the best ways to stand out from a crowd of applicants for CNA jobs with these tips.

Develop Your Workplace “Brand”

It’s natural that each CNA has an affinity to working with certain populations. You may feel more comfortable in acute care settings or perhaps working with children and adolescents or the elderly. Build experience in these areas of interest to you to strengthen your application for jobs with similar employers. 

Keep Your Resume Up to Date

Even if you’re not actively looking to change jobs, it’s wise to keep your resume current. Include bullet points with key responsibilities, especially when those show growth from one job to the next. You’ll avoid the inevitable errors and typos that creep in when hurrying to update your resume so you can respond to a job posting promptly.

Continue Learning Professional Skills

In order to stay marketable when compared with new CNA graduates, you’ll need to keep your skills current. Enroll in continuing education and skills refresher classes. Prospective employers will see that you are serious about your career. 

Get the Best Preparation for CNA Jobs Near Federal Way

Divine CNA Training offers career-oriented students the opportunity to gain classroom and hands-on experience that’s in line with employers’ needs as well as state and federal requirements. We have a caring team of experienced instructors who are committed to their students’ success, and we offer a wide range of support designed to prepare learners for licensing and working in healthcare settings. When you’re ready to take the next step towards CNA jobs, contact us to begin your healthcare career. 

Improve Your Eligibility for CNA Jobs in the Federal Way Area

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Self-Care for CNAs Who Care for Others in Kent

self-care for CNAs KentWorking in the healthcare field is challenging even in good times, and during a pandemic, it’s even more likely to cause stress. When you’re a CNA and your job is caring for others who may have dementia, mobility issues or more acute needs, it can be hard to do the work in taking care of yourself. But if you’re not at your best, you can’t be there fully for your patients. Here are three important tips focused on self-care for CNAs to help you deal with daily stress.

Keep Expectations in Check

You already know that some days just don’t go the way you expect them to. But knowing it and being at peace with it are two different things. Stay patient with yourself when it comes to your to-do list, at work and at home. Give yourself the same encouragement and grace you’d give a friend.

Hold Onto Healthy Habits

Staying healthy and feeling good will help you manage stressful situations better. Try and keep a regular sleep schedule that includes roughly 8 hours of rest, eat meals that include fruits and vegetables, and make time to exercise and relax every day.

Reach Out to Friends and Family

Keep in touch with friends and family. This may feel especially hard during times when it isn’t possible to get together in person, but texting, video chats and socially distanced interactions can help a lot. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let someone you trust know so you can get more help if you need it.

Learn More About Self-Care for CNAs and Other Essential Workplace Skills Near Kent

Divine CNA Training is designed to help students achieve their career goals through classroom and hands-on learning plus exam preparation for state licensing. Attentive teachers, state-of-the-art facilities and job placement provide the resources that aspiring CNAs need to succeed. Contact us today to begin your career preparation, including first-hand advice on self-care for CNAs.

Self-Care for CNAs to Improve Career Satisfaction in Kent

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Bellevue-Area CNAs and COVID-19: What You Need to Know

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic makes working in the healthcare field challenging for medical professionals, including doctors, nurses and certified nursing assistants. No matter how much education you have earned to qualify as a Nursing Assistant-Certified (NAC) in Washington State, you may be wondering what else you need to know about working as a CNA and COVID-19 infections to protect yourself and serve your patients.

Understand How Important Reliable Patient Care Is

Given the restrictions often placed on healthcare facilities, patients may be experiencing added stress or anxiety during extended periods of isolation from a COVID-19 diagnosis or exposure. Patients may not see family and friends like they used to and you become their lifeline to the outside world.

Be Aware of Frequently Changing Protocols

As this is a novel virus, we are learning new information about it regularly. Be flexible and understand that protocols can and will change in response to discoveries, studies and best practices when it comes to providing care to patients and avoiding infection.

Use PPE Appropriately

COVID-19 is a highly contagious illness so using personal protective equipment or PPE is especially important. It prevents you from getting sick and also passing the virus on to others. Make sure you use any PPE provided to you at work, and if you have questions about how to use it safely, ask.

Interested in Learning More About CNAs and COVID-19 Near Bellevue And How You Can Make a Difference?

Divine CNA Training offers education and career preparation services for enrolled students seeking a career as a certified nursing assistant. Our CNA classes and hands-on training sessions begin regularly, and we welcome students to our beautiful, state-of-the-art school. All of our instructors are experienced CNAs and dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a CNA and COVID-19 protocols to truly make a difference in the lives of patients in your care.

Skilled CNA and COVID-19 Safety Training Near Bellevue Ensures Quality Care for Patients

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3 Tips to Help CNAs Avoid Burnout in Federal Way

CNAs avoid burnout federal wayAlthough helping patients with personal care tasks and supporting the work of doctors and nurses is highly rewarding, being a certified nursing assistant or CNA can be a challenging job at times. This is especially true during the ongoing COVID pandemic. If you are struggling with mental and physical fatigue, here is some advice to help CNAs avoid burnout.

Have Healthy Boundaries

It can be hard to leave your strong emotions about work at the door when you come home at the end of a shift. Practice keeping your work life separate from your personal life so workplace stress doesn’t affect your relationships with your family and friends.

Don’t Let Conflict Fester at Work

Use your empathy and communication skills to resolve problems at work. It’s the best way to strengthen you and your coworkers’ ability to manage the caseload together for the benefit of all your patients.

Develop Good Self-Care Practices

Finding effective ways to take care of yourself and let go of work-related tension helps manage exhaustion and support good mental health. Examples of self-care include getting a good night’s sleep, sticking to a regular exercise routine and meditating.

High-Quality Career Prep to Help Federal Way CNAs Avoid Burnout

Divine CNA Training offers expert training through classroom learning and clinical experience for aspiring CNAs who are seeking a rewarding career in healthcare. Students are prepared for the state licensing exam and employment with the skills they need to help care for patients while also learning important strategies for managing career challenges. If you’re ready to take the next step in realizing your career potential, it’s time to contact us and discover effective patient care techniques that include ways CNAs avoid burnout.

Learn How the Right Training Helps CNAs Avoid Burnout in Federal Way

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CNA Courses Near Tacoma: Your Questions Answered

Nurse trainingIf you’ve heard about the high demand for healthcare workers and think this may be a good time to make a career change, consider becoming a CNA. A certified nursing assistant career is possible in just a few weeks of CNA courses and hands-on training. Here’s what you need to know.

What Kind of Job Does CNA Coursework Prepare Me For?

Certified nursing assistants provide important support to patients and healthcare professionals, alike. Working under the supervision of RNs, LPNs and doctors, a CNA may be responsible for taking a patient’s vital signs, helping them into or out of bed, or assisting them with personal care tasks like getting dressed or eating. You may also carry out tasks delegated by RNs.

What Will I Learn in CNA Classes?

Students participate in a combination of classroom learning and clinical lab work. You’ll learn about the human body and how it works, plus how to adequately care for patients in hospitals, long-term care settings, and home healthcare assignments. You might also take classes in specialized topics and basic first aid and lifesaving skills, mental healthcare, and dementia care. Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll be qualified to sit for the professional certification exam required by the state of Washington.

What Kind of Education Do I Need to Enroll?

Applicants to CNA schools generally have a high school diploma or the equivalent, although this isn’t always required. There may be healthcare requirements for certain courses, such as immunizations or TB tests, although these can also vary by school; some of these requirements are mandated by the state.

Ready to Register for Tacoma-Area CNA Courses?

Divine CNA Training welcomes students who are ready to become CNAs in Washington. Our team of talented and dedicated instructors offers students a caring and supportive experience. Take the first step in your healthcare career with our CNA courses, and contact us today.

Find a Fulfilling Career with CNA Courses Near Tacoma

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Hiring Event – Thursday, August 24th @ 10:30am

Join us at Divine on Thursday, August 24th from 10:30am-12pm

Divine CNA Training Institute
1707 S 341st Place, Unit #D
Federal Way, WA 98003

MultiCare Clinical Leaders will be conducting interviews for open CNA positions for their 6 acute care hospitals.

  • Allenmore Hospital (Tacoma)
  • Auburn Hospital (Auburn)
  • Capital Medical Center (Olympia)
  • Covington Medical Center (Covington)
  • Good Samaritan Hospital (Puyallup)
  • Tacoma General Hospital (Tacoma)

Complete the pre-screening form using the button below before the event to tell us what position you are interested in. This will speed up the interviews during the event.


RSVP for the Job Fair Here


What to Look for In a CNA Training Program Near Renton

Nurse giving trainingCongratulations! You’ve decided that becoming a certified nursing assistant or CNA is your career goal. Now it’s time to find a program that can prepare you for your professional credentials and employment. Learn some of the most important qualities to look for in a CNA training program.

Experienced Instructors

It’s essential to have classroom and clinical teachers who have plenty of work experience in key CNA skills and duties, including CPR/BLS, taking patients’ vitals and other common tasks. But it’s equally crucial that these teachers demonstrate effective communication skills, especially when explaining difficult concepts or techniques. Teachers should also show dedication to helping aspiring home health aides and CNAs reach their full potential.

Hands-on Training

To become a CNA, you’ll need not just classroom learning but hands-on experience, too. A high-quality program will offer students effective support even when they’re working on-site at clinical assignments where they’ll gain skills in everything from caring for patients with dementia to appropriately delegating tasks and watching for mental health concerns.

Career Help

Once you’ve completed your classes and passed your certification exam, you’ll be ready to enter the job market. A CNA training program can help graduates by providing them with information about job opportunities and real-world skills like resume preparation and interviewing.

Are You Searching for a CNA Training Program Near Renton?

Divine CNA Training provides students with all of the classroom and clinical education necessary for a fulfilling career helping others. Discover our caring and compassionate instructors, flexible course schedules and supportive guidance in navigating licensing and certification requirements for work. Contact us today to learn how our CNA training program can make your career dreams a reality!

Comprehensive CNA Training Program Welcomes Renton Residents

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Get a CNA Job: 3 Tips to Help You Stand Out to Employers Near Auburn

Getting a CNA Job in AuburnOnce you’ve completed your CNA training, you’ll probably be eager to begin working. Job hunting can feel challenging, though, and may take longer than expected. When you’re ready to get a CNA job, consider using the following strategies to help make your application more appealing to employers. 

Read the Job Posting Carefully

When you find a CNA job posting, take the time to ensure your skills and abilities are a good match for the position. Have a resume ready to send so you don’t need to spend time working on one. Make sure to include your education and certification details and any special knowledge or experience you have in high-demand areas like dementia, mental health care and nurse delegation care basics. And write a cover letter that specifically highlights the ways in which you match the job qualifications. Your application is your first chance to impress an employer. 

Practice for Your Interview

Whether you’re meeting with an interviewer in person, by phone or virtually, it can be a stressful experience that’s an unavoidable part of getting a CNA job. If you prepare by practicing sample questions in advance, you can ease some of that nervousness and appear more relaxed. Work with a friend or fellow CNA to role play as an interviewer for a more realistic practice session.

Apply for Continuing Education Opportunities

Even if you did really well in your CNA training program, there’s always more to learn, whether it’s a BLS refresher or specialty course. Enrolling in continuing education courses also shows prospective employers that you’re committed to your career field and serious about keeping up with changes and advancements in nursing. Remember to keep your resume up to date by adding new continuing education courses as you complete them. 

Do You Dream of Getting a CNA Job Near Auburn?

Divine CNA Training offers the comprehensive training you need for a career as a certified nursing assistant or home care aide. Students enjoy courses led by experienced medical professionals, a wide range of student resources, and flexible schedules. If you’re ready for a rewarding career in health care, contact us today to take the first step toward getting a CNA job. 

Get a CNA Job You Love Near Auburn

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Are You Wondering, “How Long Does It Take to Become a CNA in Federal Way?”

How Long Does it Take to Become a CNA in Federal WayBecoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA) can be a life-changing career choice. Being able to take an active role in helping people get the medical care they need to feel better at home, in long-term care centers or in hospitals and medical offices is meaningful work. You’re probably eager to get started! How long does it take to become a CNA? Read on to find out.

What Do I Have to Do to Become a CNA?

Preparing for a career as a CNA requires a combination of classroom learning and hands-on training, which is usually called clinical experience. Once you complete your education, you’ll be qualified to sit for a state certification exam. Your state certification must be renewed regularly for you to maintain certified status and continue work as a CNA.  Additionally, you may be required to produce licensing and background checks for employment.

How Many Hours of Education Do I Need?

The state of Washington requires a minimum of 85 hours of training, which partially answers the question, ”how long does it take to become a CNA?”  The education you receive must be through a state-approved program in order for you to sit your professional certification exam. A longer training program has the advantage of offering students increased preparation and study for state exams. This can increase the chances that you’ll pass on the first try.

What Will I Study?

Over a period of several weeks to several months, depending on your program, you’ll study biology and anatomy and complete a CPR/BLS Basic Lifesaving class. CNA education programs also offer special courses designed to prepare you for specific care settings. These courses include Dementia Level 1, Mental Health Level 1 and Nurse Delegation Care Basics.

Get Help Answering, “How Long Does it Take to Become a CNA in Federal Way?”

At Divine CNA Training, we have CNA programs designed to quickly provide you with the real-world knowledge and skills you need for a successful career as a CNA. Our experienced and caring instructors deliver world-class education and training opportunities. We also support our students every step of the way, offering student-centered resources that prepare you for exciting job opportunities. Contact us today and let us help you discover, “How long does it take to become a CNA?” with a schedule that works for you.


Discover “How Long Does it Take to Become a CNA in Federal Way?”

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What Kind of CNA Classes Can I Take in Seattle?

CNA Classes in SeattleYou may be wondering what kind of CNA classes you can take in Seattle. Schools licensed by the state of Washington offer a range of nursing assistant courses to provide you with the tools you need to succeed as a CNA. The material in these courses will also help prepare you for the required certification exam you need to get a job. Here are the kinds of classes you can expect to take:

Common Courses

As part of your training, you can expect to study basic nursing care, including how to take a patient’s vital signs. You’ll also learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic life support skills. Topics may include nutrition, physical activity, cleanliness and infection control, personal care and communication skills. 

Home Care Aide

For a career as a home care aide, your required coursework may include nurse delegation core basic concepts, health and safety practices, operation of common medical devices, wound care and nutrition. Students studying to be a home care aid also typically learn how to take and report vital signs.

Special Topics

In some cases, specialized coursework in healthcare topics like HIV/AIDS is required for career training or advancement. You can expect to study Dementia Level 1 and Mental Health Level 1. Some students take Nurse Delegation Care Basics. Completion of a CPR/BLS Basic Lifesaving course is often required for professional certification; recertification may be required periodically, too.

Interested in CNA Classes in Seattle?

Whether you’re just starting your CNA training, need refresher classes or have to take specialty health care courses, Divine CNA Training can help you succeed. As a licensed vocational school, our instructors are experienced in their field. They’re also committed to helping you achieve your goals through courses and hands-on learning opportunities. With local connections, they can help connect you to local CNA job opportunities. For more information about how you can get started in this exciting health care field, contact us today and learn more about CNA classes in Seattle.

Start a Fulfilling Career Through CNA Classes in Seattle

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