Washington Home Care Aide Training

Divine CNA offers a DSHS approved 75 hour Home Care Aide training course. This course is required for all long-term care workers (LTCWs) in the State of Washington. LTCWs include caregivers and sometimes activities and transport personnel who work in residential care settings. Residential care settings are assisted living facilities (ALF), adult family homes (AFH), and home-care agencies. LTCWs also include individual providers (IPs) through the DSHS COPES Program.

5 Hours of Orientation & Safety Training

  • Basic orientation (2)
  • Safety practices (3)

40 Hours of Core Basic Training

  • Nurse Delegation Core Basic: (9 hours):
  • Lectures
  • Group-work
  • Hands-on skills practice in our State Certified skills lab

30 Hours of Population Specific Training

  • Dementia (8)
  • Mental Health (8)
  • Stroke (8)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury- TBI (8)
  • Heart Disease (8)Upon successful completion of the Home Care Aide course at Divine CNA, students will receive a Certificate of Completion. With this certificate they will be eligible to take the State Exam for home care aides to obtain their state-certification.

    Home care aides must complete a written or oral test as well as a hands-on skills test. The written/ oral test is available in more than a dozen languages. Candidates who speak other languages may request interpreters, but funds are limited (http://www.doh.wa.gov/LicensesPermitsandCertificates/HomeCareAide/IndividualInterpreterProject).

    Limited English proficiency candidates can request provisional certification.